Learning SQL – Part 1

Sql stands for Structured Query Language and is being used to query and manipulate relational databases. Most of the Relational Database Management Systems use SQL as standard database language. I will be using MS SQL in these examples and learning process.

Sql History

Dr Edgar F. Codd is known as the “Codd Father” of the relational databases. He described a relational model for databases in 1970. First SQL appeared in 1974 and IBM has worked to develop the ideas of Codd and released a product System/R. In 1986, IBM developed first prototype of relational database and it was standardized by ANSI.

SELECT statements

Capabilities of SELECT statements

SELECT statements can give us a projection, we can get a subset of a column. Secondly, you can filter the number of rows with SELECT and also you can join different tables by primary and foreign keys. It allows to get data from different tables and show as a table.

Basis SELECT statement identifies the columns o be displayed and you also need to add FROM to tell which tables you will get the data from. Read more “Learning SQL – Part 1”