People, People Everywhere!

Being from a country where we had five elections/referendums in last 5 years, I have seen many different maps with the election results and I always wondered how they created those maps. I saw my first Fusion Table based map when Panama Papers hit the news. This map shows all the addresses from Ireland which were mentioned in Panama Papers and I remember admiring how quickly Gavin Sheridan created that map, literally 10 minutes after his first tweet about the addresses.

Although I was impressed with an efficient tool such as Fusion Tables, I haven’t used it until this year. My first attempt to create a map from a Fusion Table was during our Application of Cloud Technologies module, just a week before Data Management & Analytics class. It was a good preparation for Data Management & Analytics class and for this assignment. During the class, we have created a US Population Density Map and were asked to do a similar version of that map for Ireland.

To create the Irish Population Density map, I was given two different data and we have been asked to turn them into information. The first data set was from Central Statistics Office (CSO) website. 2011 Census population data was enough to get the population by county and gender. I have done a bit of cleansing, by removing break down of city data for big cities and get every county in one lane. Dublin, Cork, Galway, Waterford, and Limerick population were given by county and by City and County. I have removed those lines and I also added South Tipperary and North Tipperary data to one line. Also after uploading my KML file, I have realized that Laoighis was spelled differently in KML data, so I have changed that in my Fusion table into to Laois.

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