Top 10 Video Games in World

While I was exploring different data sets on, I have seen this data set about Video Game Sales with Ratings. Umesh from kaggle created a great kernel which explores this data set and creates different graphs such as Revenue by Game, revenue by seller  etc. in different regions.

This data includes sales figures from different regions such as Japan, US/North America, Europe, Other Sales, and Global Sales. I will use the code from kaggle to create the same graphs in ggplot and will discuss the trends. As Wii Sport has been given with the Wii Console by default, I have excluded this game from the results.

My first graph shows top 10 games from different regions based on sold games units in overall.

Grand Theft Auto V is the best selling game in overall sales figures around the globe. Although Grand Theft Auto V has the top spot with 56.57 million unit sales overall, it includes all different consoles. Second game Super Mario Bros has sold 45.31 million unit sales and it is also used Nintendo consoles such as Wii, DS, 3DS so we can argue that it is one of the best selling games.

There are a few trends that looks interesting from this table. Although GTA V is the best selling game in overall, it is not ranked in top 5 sellers in Japan with 1.42 million units of sales. Pokemon Red/Blue games has sold over 10 millions copies in Japan has become  the best performer in top 10. Also, best selling game in North America from top 10 games is Super Mario Bros instead of GTA V. Also Tetris is very popular in North America as 73% of them has been sold in this region.

Second table from the code is top 10 sold games in North America. The best seller game in N. America is Super Mario Bros by 5.5 million units difference. Most interesting facts about N.America sales is Tetris and Duck Hunt games. They are 2nd and 3rd best performers in N. America and N. America is the leader of these games by big margins. 95% of Duck Hunt games has been sold in N. America. Both Tetris and Duck Hunt games released before 90’s where shipping/distribution of game consoles were not as easy as it is now. Also there are 4 different games between N. America Top 10 and Overall Top 10.

Interesting fact about Europe game sales is that there are four different Football games in top 10 while none of them has been in top 10 in all other regions. Below table shows the top 10 games and FIFA games dominate the table with 4 different versions by getting 35% of all sales. Also GTA V gets the top spot in the list.

Maybe an expected trend in Japan sales figures is Pokemon is far away the market leader in sales numbers. 53% of top 10 sales are different versions of Pokemon games. Also games such as Call of Duty and GTA couldn’t make the top 10 most sold games in Japan.

In this post, I have discussed the sales numbers by game in different regions. In next post, I will show and discuss the trends by console from these regions. Let’s see what we will find out there 🙂

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